SFBAYSYSTEMS was founded in 2000 and is a full-service computer consulting company.  We offer a wide range of technology solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.  As a full-service systems integrate, we feature a vast array of capabilities to meet today's dynamic technology requirements.


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Our Services

Information Systems - SFBAYSYSTEMS can work with your staff to develop a comprehensive Information Services plan. These plans include time tested strategies for:

  •                 Disaster Recovery.
  •                 Fault Tolerance.
  •                 Security.
  •                 Backup Procedures.
  •                 Desktop Management.
  •                 Policies.


Service 1
Business Analysis - If you don't know RAM from ROM, we can help there too. Let SFBAYSYSTEMS analyze your current business procedures and find ways to automate and speed up the process.
Service 2
Systems Management - SFBAYSYSTEMS offers complete Information Systems management. We can help your company develop an internal plan for your IS department, as well as provide full or part-time network administrators.
Service 3
Security Review - SFBAYSYSTEMS can provide an analysis of your current security posture as well as design and implement a network security program to give your company access to the world, without giving the world access to your company.
Service 4

Internet Services.

E-mail - SFBAYSYSTEMS offers a full line of email systems, from Internet mail for the entire company to sophisticated Microsoft Exchange Server© systems.

Service 5
Direct Access - SFBAYSYSTEMS offers several levels of connectivity options to suit your business's needs. From modem and ISDN dial-up accounts to high speed dedicated T-1 and DSL lines, we can fit your business with a connection option to match your needs and budget. File Transfer capabilities (FTP) are also available.
Service 6

Firewalls - SFBAYSYSTEMS engineers are trained and experienced in setting up Proxy Servers, Access Lists, NAT, and other security technologies.